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Debbie Daanen is a Professional Photographer in Appleton Wisconsin who specializes in children's portraits, senior portraits, family portraits and more.
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It’s officially in the mail!  That’s right, our senior mailer that includes a sweet offer on senior photo sessions is on it’s way to your mailboxes now!  Keep your eyes out for it…you won’t want to miss out on the session/print discounts for our May & June seniors!  We are already booking up into the Summer, so call soon to reserve your spot and ensure that you are one of the few to be able to take advantage of the savings!!!

insideNEW  outside

Appleton Prom

We had a BLAST with all of you at the @appleton Prom this weekend! It was great to see so many familiar faces and you all looked fabulous! We have to give props to your amazing prom committee and the staff of @lambeaufield for putting on such a beautiful evening and treating us like VIP! We can not say enough wonderful things about the volunteers, staff and the students… you were all fantastic! We hope your evening was as magical as it appeared. 

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Snow… it’s back…

Anyone want to get a jump start on those 2018 Holiday card portraits?!

Ha ha ha… But seriously, the snow is pretty and you would be waaaaaay ahead of things come December! 😉📷

Our backyard is looking pretty though…despite being the never-ending Winter of 2018…



April 1st is our Work-iversary!


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name (1)April 1st… Is our Work-iversary!

That’s right; April Fool’s Day, and this year, Easter,  marks Debbie Daanen Photography’s 36th anniversary of years in business!


I would like to be the first to congratulate my friend, mentor and partner in both business and shenanigans, Debbie, a very happy work-iversary!  I have had the privilege and honor to work along side you for the last 16 years (I obviously never imagined as a 17 year old kid, that my Summer job would develop into my future!) and have seen first hand what a true creative genius you are. I don’t know about you, but these last 16 years have certainly taught me things I never learned while in college! Ha! They are big shoes to fill, but I’ve been doing my best!  We have been through just about everything imaginable together, personally and professionally, and I can not imagine it any other way!

In 36 years, we have seen it all… the comings and goings of photography businesses, products and trends… gone through the critical industry changes from film to digital… the rise and fall of the economy and so on…    When this day rolls around each year, we are able to reflect on what a difference a year can make and add up all 35 of them, and we have quite the collection of treasured memories and hilarious stories!

We say it all the time, but no time is more appropriate than today: THANK YOU!

Thank you to our clients, old and new. We obviously could not have had continued success all this time without you. It is a true pleasure to serve you. Thank you to those reading this…for caring enough, not only about our business, but about us, as people.

Thank you to our friends and families, who no matter how crazy our ideas seemed, continue  to support us.  It is not an easy road to make a living in the arts, and we certainly appreciate your encouragement.

Thank you to our DDP Road Crew (Stacey, Laura, Amy, Barb, Cindy & Jodi)- the collection of our friends that are willing to help out at the craziest of photo shoots and event; that always says ‘yes,’ no matter how odd or overwhelming the request.

Thank you, of course, to our staff, Laurie & Stacey, we literally could not do it without you two!  To Bob & Dave – for all the support over the years, for sharing your knowledge and equipment, and for helping us out on all those large photo shoots where we require an extra set of photographers!

Thank you to all the groups and organizations, companies, schools and sports leagues that we have photographed over the years. There are far too many of you to list, but your continued business and friendships mean the world to us.

To anyone else whom I might have missed… Thank you.  We just want to tell you from the bottom of our hearts, that we appreciate you and thank you for your continued business! We love what we do and have been lucky enough to do it for 36 amazing years!


In closing… Debbie, your hard work and persistence has obviously paid off and you have been nothing less than an amazing example to me and everyone around you. I’m honored to be able to carry on our business, your name and your legacy!  Happy 36th work-iversary!

…Here’s to many more!!!    ❤

-Ashley 🙂

36-birthday-istockAlso… HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL!!! Here’s to a day of celebration…and avoiding all those baskets full of candy…lol. Enjoy your Holiday weekend with friends and family and be safe out there diving today! Even though we are all thinking Spring, Mother Nature had other plans it seems. Happy Easter!


Vroom2 (2)

Dance, Seniors, Dance, Seniors, Dance…

Dance, Seniors, Dance, Seniors, Dance…

That has been our lives these last two weeks!

This week we wrapped up with our dance photos for @kidsonthemovedance  in both the Appleton and Green Bay locations, (we had a great time with them, by the way)  and then we were back in the studio with a few seniors this week… which brings us to today (Friday) with one more senior session before we pack up and head out next week to see our other dance friends at @heartofthevalleydanceacademy!

Can you say exhausted! ha ha … For real though, we love it!

Here is a link to view a little of our studio fun from yesterday’s senior sesh…


I’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the fun we have next while we are out and about once again… this time, dancing and photographing our way through Kaukauna!  🙂

Happy Friday (or as all the ‘kids’ say, FriYAY) Everyone!



The ‘Art of Dance’ Mini Dance Sessions:

Hello Hello! 🙂

We are excited to be offering these limited edition mini dance sessions to all our dance families!

‘The Art of Dance’
A Limited Edition Studio Dance Photography Session

~ Dance ~ Action ~ Motion ~ Emotion ~ Art ~
Beyond Typical Dance Photography

Studio photo mini session – $35 (reduced rate)
20% off all studio print pricing
Focus on your dance skills and creating a true piece of art.
Contact the studio for full details and to schedule your session time.


We would love to work with you on creating a fabulous work of art of your talented dancer! 🙂

Oh, Mother Nature…

Well, Mother Nature has really did a number on us this week… So were SUPPOSED to have our first few nights with our new friends at #kidsonthemovedance this week.. but Mother Nature had other plans.


So since the weather is as it is, we will be seeing them, NEXT week and we are very excited to do so!  So our best advice for this week is to drive safe, stay warm/dry and make it a great day!

Meet Olivia…

It’s begun!  Our senior photo model rep ~ class of 2019 ~ photo shoots have begun!  We photographed our first amazing model yesterday… Olivia Schmidt of Appleton North/Central!  We had a blast working with her and although we have know Olivia for a few years, as she dances at one of the dance schools we work with (shout out to Footworks Dance Company)  it is always amazing how much you can learn about a person in just a few short hours.  Olivia and her mother Ann, we a delight to work with and we can not wait for our Summer photo shoot!

 You can see more of our time with Olivia at:


I want to take a moment to discuss her outfit in the image… where we typically suggest making clothing selections based on personal taste and trends, we often drive client decisions to go with a solid color item vs a heavy pattern such as this dress.  As always, do as I say, not as I do! ~ ha ha!  But in all seriousness, there is an exception to every rule… and this is a prime example.  Although a pattern, the image is larger and defined (unlike a small stripe) and not in a defined, structured pattern.  This, along with the dark colors, allow the clothing to not overwhelm her face.  Thus the reason we tell you to bring your closet along!  Happy shopping!!!  😉

It’s Feb. and we are busy, busy, busy!!!

It’s Feb. and we are busy, busy, busy!!!  We just had these lovely ladies in from the Kaukauna Dance Team and we are also gearing up for our month of dance school photography!  Busy, busy, busy!


On top of all of that, we still have our regular studio work and of course the start of our class of 2019, high school seniors!  We are still looking for a few more senior model reps, if you are interested, we recommend you inquire with us asap, as we are starting photo shoots soon!  🙂



Check out our new and improved website!!!

It’s winter in Wisconsin… and for professional photographers that often means hitting the books, reorganizing for the upcoming year and reliving all that the year past brought to us.   January for us has been no different…

After returning from the photo convention, I was all hyped up about all the things I was excited to do and share with everyone… AND I am happy to say, that I have already put several of these items into action!  Not too bad for only having been back for about 2 weeks!  (*pats myself on the back)

Now, with the first day of February upon us, I am even more pleased to say that I have completed revamped and updated our website with fresh images, new links to pricing and a few other added surprises!  Let me tell you, I now have a new respect for all you techy people out there-talk about working on a project outside of my comfort zone!  I am the queen of trial and error and man, did I try! ha ha  Our site was created and managed by a company called Rendering Effects, and we adore them and all they do… but last year I asked to have the option to have a bit more control on the look and the ability to add and switch images anytime I felt inclined… big mistake… ha ha… I got through it, but I see now why we had been paying someone else to do it for so long! HA!

Anyway, go check it out and let me know what you think… or if you find any spelling errors! Improper grammar is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, but sometimes spell check and other programs change things on us that shouldn’t be…… my last name is spelled S-C-H-M-I-T… no D, one T… why can’t you learn that, spell check, why!?!  LOL Ok, I’m over it…

With this one big task off my plate, I am moving onto all the other things that are on my post-convention to-do list… oh, where to start…

Happy February everyone!!! -Ash  🙂